Lampeter Town Council has 6 committees, which deal with specific subjects and report back to the full council. With the exception of the Parks Committee, they meet on an ad-hoc basis.

Administration Committee

  • The Mayor (Chair) Cllr. Rob Phillips
  • Cllr. Kistiah Ramaya
  • The Deputy Mayor Cllr. Selwyn Walters
  • Cllr. Richard Marks
  • Cllr. Helen Thomas
  • Cllr. Rhys Bebb Jones
  • Town Clerk
Planning Committee

  • The Mayor (Cllr. Rob Phillips)
  • The Deputy Mayor (Cllr. Selwyn Walters)
  • Past Mayor (Cllr. Ann Bowen Morgan)
Footpaths Committee

  • Cllr Hag Harris (Chair)
  • Cllr. Rhys Bebb-Jones
  • Cllr. Ann Bowen Morgan
  • Cllr. Dave Smith
  • Cllr. Gary Thorogood
  • Town Clerk
Welsh Language Committee

  • Cllr Rhys Bebb-Jones (Chair)
  • Cllr. Ann Bowen Morgan
  • Cllr. Rob Phillips
  • Cllr. Richard Marks
  • Town Clerk
Parks & Flowers Committee (Councillors)

  • Cllr Elin T Jones (Chair)
  • Cllr. Hag Harris
  • Cllr. Rhys Bebb Jones
  • Cllr. Emma Woods
  • Cllr Kistiah Ramaya
  • Cllr. Helen Thomas
  • Town Clerk.

Co-opted Members for Maesyderi Field business

  • Cllr. Ivor Williams
  • Maureen Williams
  • Elizabeth James